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Screen Printing

Live Silk Screen Printing in Charlotte, NC

Live Printing is a unique and fun experience where your guests are engaged in the process of printing their custom garments in minutes, creating a positive memory and a special connection with your brand or company.

We bring our press to your event, with ready to print custom designs tailored to you.

We provide the crew, the shirts, equipment and all the energy.


Our set up can fit small or large spaces.

We can print on
t-shirts, hoodies, totes, bandanas and posters.

Great for marketing agencies, corporate events, conventions, VIP lounges, festivals, parties and more.

What We Provide


Manual screen printing presses and a conveyor dryer to ensure the quality of the print,

Printing Materials

We offer a large vaiety of substrates to print on, different styles of garments that you can mix and match.


Our profesional crew takes care of every detail from set up and unloading to printing we do it all.

Design Services

Professional custom design tailored to your needs.

Our Clients